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Service Options:


Residential Trash Service provided for all of Morrow County and portions of eastern Marion County


  •   Option 1:

         6 bags per week

         $24 per month

         $72 billed every 3 months

  •   Option 2:

         6 bags per week

         Includes 96 gallon wheel cart

         $28 per month

         $84 billed every 3 months

  •    Option 3:

          Customers with low trash volume


          $3 per bag

          Minimum purchase - 10 bags

          Bags must be purchased in office

With Options 1 and 2, we require the first 3 months payment up front to start the service. With option 3, you must come to our office to purchase the bags. 


If you want to start service with us, we would need the payment for Options 1 or 2 by noon the day before you want the service to start. 

Please fill out the Sign Up for Service form. We will contact you during our business hours to finalize the payment and schedule your first pick-up. Please put your trash out the evening before pick-up or have it out by 5 a.m. the day of pick-up.


    Sign Up For Service

Thanks for submitting. We will be in contact soon!

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