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Residential Trash Service

         Service Options:


  • Residential Trash Service provided for all of Morrow County

        and portions of eastern Marion County

  • 6 bags per week (30 gallon limit)

  • Higher bag limit available at an additional cost

  • Weekly 96 gallon wheel cart service (optional)

  • Pay-as-you-Throw Program for low volume trash (see below)

  • Call today with a credit card to start service this week!


          Sign Up for Service Here




         Call our office 419-947-7440


Trash can (New label).jpg


For low volume trash customers

The Pay-as-you-Throw program

is great for

low volume trash customers. 

The customer will be on the

weekly trash route

but will only be picked up

on the weeks that the orange bag is at the curb. 

You can purchase the

30 gallon size bags

at our office in lots of 10. 

Please call our office for pricing.

Orange bags with label.jpg


Please call our office for pricing. 419-947-7440

Commercial Dumpster Trash Service

       Service Options:


  • Commercial Trash Service provided for Morrow County Residents and portions of eastern Marion County

  • This service is for businesses only

  • One year contract required

  • 2 yard, 4 yard, and 6 yard dumpsters


  Please call our office for pricing and availability.  419-947-7440

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